Coalition for Homeless Concerns
P.O. Box 747
Lawrence, KS 66044



Change of Heart is a grassroots newspaper published through its parent organization, the Coalition for Homeless Concerns. Change of Herat provides a voice of the homeless community and educates readers about life on the streets.


Change of Heart - Change of Heart is a street newspaper written and distributed by homeless individuals in Lawrence, Kansas.


The quarterly publication is offered by vendors for a dollar's donation per copy. Please donate only to badged, "Change of Heart" vendors, who receive seventy-five cents for each paper distributed. The remainder goes towards production costs of future papers.

Please send materials (stories, poems, artwork, etc.) to:

The Coalition for Homeless Concerns
c/o C. Smith
1800 Goodell Ct.
Lawrence, KS 66046
or contact .

Aspiring vendors can sign up in-person at Aimee's Coffeehouse, 1025 Mass in Lawrence, KS

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