Coalition for Homeless Concerns
P.O. Box 747
Lawrence, KS 66044

CHC will meet on Tuesday,  January 9th at the Lawrence Community Shelter, 3625 E 25th St, Lawrence KS, 66046

The December meeting will be held February 13th in Meeting Room B Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont,  Lawrence Kansas.

The meeting begins at 3:30 and are generally finished by 5 pm.

See You There !

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Coalition for Homeless Concern

Our Mission:
To provide an open forum in which homeless persons and others inadequately sheltered can share their experiences, needs and expertise with each other, and with other interested and concerned members of the Lawrence community.

To work together to refer or to provide needed shelter, information and services to individuals and families with these needs.

To provide education and informational resources to our community in order to better understand the causes, conditions, and needs of people experiencing homelessness or inadequate housing.

To engage in positive social change through collaboration, advocacy, and education.